Thursday, October 12, 2006

Come on you miner for truth and delusion

Since finding an LP of Pink Floyd’s 1975 album ‘Wish You Were Here’ in a Parisian rubbish bin the other day I’ve been plunged into reminiscence. I can’t say precisely what sent me into such a welter of wistfulness; whether the lyric, “Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun,” or the indefinable sense of anticipation that an LP still embodies, or simply noticing the fact that the band spent 7 months recording the album – 7 months in Abbey Road Studios! That’s certainly the stuff of dreams today – for musicians, production staff, and not least, for the studio.
Anyhow, some good has come of the wallowing: I’ve turned up some relics – no - gems from the past. For a start, there’s a rich catalogue of recordings made for Conifer Classics, which after disappearing from the market for the best part of a decade, have now re-emerged on the Decca label. And then there’s this unreleased recording I made with a group of Austrian Musicians [Andi Schreiber - violin, Christian Musser - oud, Ewald Oberleitner - bass, Stefan Heckel – piano] in a church somewhere near Graz several years ago. The recording never saw the light of day, mostly because 3 days' of therapeutic acoustic free improvisation turned out sounding unremittingly introvert: a fine recording experience, but perhaps not one to share with the wider world. However, I can recommend that you seek out more of Stefan Heckel’s music and resources. He’s a fine, sensitive musician and an admirable person to know.
Anyone else who fancies “running over the same old ground,” or basking “in the shadow of yesterday’s triumph” should give me a shout – I’ve got this copy of Wish You Were Here to get rid of.


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